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How to Start Your App Development Project

Every successful app begins with a solid foundation. In this post, we'll show you how to ensure your app development project gets off to a great start.

Did you know over 70% of app uninstalls result from app crashes? That’s only a result of poor app development, but there’s plenty of ways to make this doesn’t happen for your startup. Good entrepreneurs understand the importance of planning—including the tech and software needed to innovate their business growth.

There are tons of app software options available to help you create your own. Read on to learn what it takes to create a business app that doesn’t crash and sets your business ahead of the rest.

The Basics of App Development

Creating an app is pretty easy with reliable app developers (as long as you find a great one). And developing that app to perfection is pretty straightforward if you understand the basics of development. Here are a few key terms you should know before planning your app out.

  • UI/UX design: User interface and experience based on layout and more.
  • Deployment and Support: Where and how you launch your app.
  • API: Application programming interface which lets you develop and design.
  • Backend: Coding and programming necessary for running apps.

These key terms can help build out your strategy and take the needed steps for creating your startup app. Let’s break down how you’ll apply these for your app development.

Strategy, Analysis, and Planning

If you’re unclear about your app’s purpose, now’s the time to define it. Strategic goals are critical for developing anything, including mobile applications. You’ll need to identify the necessary resources (time, developers, etc.) to build your app properly.

Planning means creating a product roadmap for your app. If you’re launching a business and want the app for a short-term ad campaign, you need to have this in mind ahead of time.

Building Out Your App

Once you’ve identified app users, researched competitors, and chosen a mobile platform, it’s time to create your app. You’ll need to consider information architecture and workflows. Different flows communicated different user experiences in an app.

Wireframes, a tool used in software development, help extend sketched out app design. These are the literal framework used in your app to demonstrate every possible touchpoint for your end-users.

Creating your app should include a style guide, too, so everything stays cohesive. Mockups can help you imagine user journeys and address potential problem areas. The key to a strong plan means finding solutions for potential issues before they arise.

Testing Out Your App

After running your app development through its end stages, it’s important to perform quality assurance. Testing your app is critical before its final launch. If you don’t explore UX, functionality, and performance testing, you won’t know what is or isn’t broken in your app.

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