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Key Features of a Successful Restaurant App

1 out of 4 consumers has at least one restaurant app on their phone. These are the key features of a successful restaurant app.

According to Omnico research, 58% of customers would support a restaurant more if they had experience-enhancing technology. Mobile apps are one way for both restaurants and customers to benefit, but the right app design matters. After all, there’s no point in having an app that your customers don’t want to use!

We’re here to tell you the key features of a successful restaurant app. Read on to make the most of the design process, learn to wow your customers, and boost your sales.

App Ordering

eMarketer data predicts that food delivery app usage will increase to nearly 60 million people by 2023.

One of the primary reasons people use a restaurant app is to order food. Convenience is a top priority, especially for the younger generations. Ordering and paying with a few taps is fast, easy, and convenient.

This means you need the entire restaurant menu on the app. You should also have pictures of all the dishes if possible. A picture of a dish is far more appetizing than a description alone.

Additionally, you might want to list the nutrition facts, such as calorie count, for people who want to track and limit calories.

Rewards Program

58.7% of people state that rewards and loyalty points are an important part of shopping. You’re rewarding your repeat customers, which inspires them to return and support your restaurant more.

Take Starbucks, for example. It’s easy and free for anyone to sign up for their rewards program, and customers are rewarded more when they buy more drinks. Collecting stars almost seems like a game, and you’re rewarded for buying coffee you would have bought anyway.

Mobile Payments

Another one of the big benefits of mobile apps for restaurants is the capability for customers to pay with their phones. The ability to pay for food and tips with a few taps is a huge advantage of mobile apps.

The right restaurant app developer will be able to design apps with ordering, pickup and delivery, and POS integration. Customers can quickly and easily view menu items, select what they want, and pay through the app.


The ability to filter food items by category or price can be a huge plus for people unfamiliar with your restaurant. They can view what you have to offer based on what they’re in the mood to order. You can separate by breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus or by the type of food.

Filters also make navigating a mobile app an easier and more pleasant experience. You also might want to add filters for special diets, like gluten-free items.

Create a Succesful Restaurant App

Are you ready to discover the benefits of mobile apps for restaurants? When you integrate the features we mentioned into your restaurant app, customers are sure to use it again and again.

Apptitude can create the perfect app for your restaurant! We design apps for restaurants that handle various types of payments, in-app menus, orders, delivery, and much more. Start today and get a free quote.

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