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How To Profit From a Free Photo Editing App

Yes, you can make money with your free photo editing app! Here are some monetization strategies to help you profit from your free mobile app.

Most of the population uses an average of 4-10 apps every day. The use of apps continues to grow due to their easy access and intuitive interface.

But can a free photo editing app justify its cost to make?

This article will answer the most asked questions about creating an app that can make money.

How Do Free Apps Make Money Without Ads?

There are seven popular ways to make money without advertisements.

  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • In-App Purchases
  • Subscriptions
  • Sponsorships
  • Crowdfunding
  • Email Marketing
  • App Merchandising

These strategies have accounted for 98% of the revenue generated by all apps. The total annual app revenue stream is closing in on $200 billion.

How Much Money Do Apps Make Per Download?

This answer varies based on whether it is a free or paid app. For instance, a paid app might cost $5 – $10 for a download. But the audience is the limiting factor.

People don’t want to pay for an app unless it provides great quality and functionality.

Each of the top 200 paid apps makes thousands of dollars a day. The ones with “in-app-purchases” make even more money. This is due to people experiencing the lite version before buying the full version.

The Google Play Store in December 2019 showed that 96.2% of apps are free and 3.8% paid. This means there are more opportunities to make money by making a free app.

How Much Money Do Free Apps Make Per Download?

There are many ways to make money with free apps as discussed above. The top 200 free apps make hundreds of thousands a day more than paid apps.

The reason concerns customer behaviors and trust. Most app purchasers are users that need to trust the maker or product before buying.

How To Make Money Creating Apps For Android

When users ask this question, they want to know if their app should be first released for iOS or Android. As of April 2021, there were 2.7 million Android apps compared to 1.82 million iOS apps. This can generate more questions.

Do you release first on iOS to avoid competition?

Do you release on Android because it is a great return on investment?

The answer according to Google Play is to start with Android. This allows you to use Google Analytics to track your app and determine how to convert users into sales.

But an independent study shows that the average amount made per download doesn’t match up. The average amount made per download before COVID for iOS was $1.08 and Android was $0.43.

How To Make Money From An App

According to recent statistics, the top 25% of free app iOS developers make $5,000 on average per month. The top 16% of Android developers make the same average amount.

This implies only 20% of the apps meet user quality and functionality expectations.

The key is working with a developer that can make sure the users understand how the app proves its value. Then users make more in-app transactions and unlock extended capabilities. This generates significant cash flow.

Making A Free Photo Editing App

When making a free photo editing app the interface must be intuitive. The app must create high-quality images with easy-to-access functionality. The more creative add-on filters, the more in-app purchases generate strong monthly revenue.

To learn how to design an app that pays for itself, contact us for more information. Apptitude knows how to focus on brand awareness and high-quality functionality.

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