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How to Develop a Fitness App

If you're a personal trainer, yoga teacher, pilates instructor, or another fitness pro, you may have wondered how to develop a fitness app. Here's how.

Do you ever wonder how to develop a fitness app? Everyone has an idea at some point that they think should be a phone app.

Fitness apps are no exception. In fact, ever since Covid-19 overtook the world, fitness app downloads grew by 46%.

That makes a lot of people wonder how they can get in on this hot app trend. Even though guidelines are less strict now, many people fear heading out to the gym.

So, that makes this the perfect time to develop a fitness app. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Want to know how to make a fitness app? If so, continue reading this informative article. 

Scope Out Competition

The first thing you want to do is research your competition. Take a moment to sit down on social media or the internet and look up the hottest fitness apps on the market.

Study them and see for yourself what about their app and branding makes them appealing to customers. Be sure to pay attention to their key features or what exercises they include in their app.

You want to learn from the best. That way, you can incorporate some of those methods into your app. 

Decide on a Type 

There are countless types of exercise and workout routines. Your next goal is to figure out what focus you want for your app. Ask yourself if you want to highlight cardio training or strength training.

There are also plenty of yoga and pilates apps that people enjoy. However, incorporating it all into one app may overwhelm your customers. Choose an exercise path and make that your target audience. 

Design Your Brand 

Next up, work on your brand design. Branding is everything. You want to think about the overall aesthetic of your app. Many people are drawn to aesthetics.

So, if your application is pleasing to the eye, customers are more inclined to hit download. Your logo is essential, too.

That is what people will connect with your brand. Do not rush this step. Instead, take your time to develop a unique brand that creates customer trust and loyalty. 

How Much to Make a Fitness App 

One of the biggest roadblocks is finances. You might wonder “how much does it cost to develop a fitness app?”. The answer to that question varies.

It all depends on how much you want to spend to create the best app possible. On average, people will spend anywhere from $20,000 – $100,000 on their apps.

Sometimes, they hire services to help with app development, as our services at Apptitude. However, those fees and costs are essential to anyone serious about app development. 

Figure Out Key Features

You also want to work out key features of your app. Think about adding things in like: 

  • Diet plan 
  • Food tracker
  • Exercise timer
  • Exercise Buddy Group

You can also have features that allow your clients to follow along with a routine. Some apps even offer advice on how to use exercise for mental health. Your app must contain fun, unique features that make the user’s experience worthwhile. 

Hire a Service to Help You Develop a Fitness App

As you can tell, having a mere idea is only the starting point to develop a fitness app. After that, you need to scope out your competition, brand yourself, and determine what sets you apart from the others.

If you need help, it is time to hire a service like Apptitude. We have a team of professionals whose skills will help you move from concept to launch.

If you require a service that allows your app to stay up-to-date, contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions you might have. 

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